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Obvious Child
Remember Girls ? Frances Ha ? Young girls striving to find their place in the society. Facing the tough issue to become someone and manage to draw their identity. Frances Ha has not even her complete name on the mail box. She is not able to have a job or keep a man. 

Frances ha

Lena from Gossip Girl is not happy with her alimentary work, doesn't manage to get her book published and seems to have a complicated love story with a kind of weirdo boy.

Both serie and movie take place in NY. They involve creative girls that accept their limits. Weakness becomes OK. Losing feels good. And in the end, what matters is not the result but the process. The guts to get it together and build.

It's quite the same story with Obvious Child. NY city and 2 actresses that appeared on Girls. The heroin, Jenny Slate has no "proper" job (understand a job that makes your mom happy and relieved). She has no more boyfriend and sometimes fail to use a condom correctly. However, she has a talent and has the strength to stand up for it : humour and bold story telling. Even though she was a brilliant student, she refuses to go for the conventionnal life

When the girls from Sex and the City were worried about which dress or shoes or man to pick for the night to be the hottest in town, the new heroins of NY are struggling to pay the bill, get a job and build their identity.

Those new feel-ok-to-be-lost movies and serie are a good reflection of our new adult generation. Life is tough, you have to struggle and nothing will be simple out there. The economical crisis is still here, young adults have a low purchasing power, no savings and need to fight to keep a job. It has become ok to be dumped poorly, ok not to have a safe job, ok to have zero savings, ok to scare your parents. 

It's ok to TAKE RISK AND FAIL. At least, you are on the good path to blossoming.


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