Mallet-Stevens meets 50 year-old Habitat


Interior design by Mallet-Stevens
Some of you may know that Habitat is celebrating in 2014 its 50 years. It was created in 1964 by the British design Terence Conran. This designer and business man sold it in 1992 and lauched Conran Shop. Habitat has suffered from tangible losses over the past months and needs to reconquer customers and gain a new positive visibility.

Terence Conran
The anniversary is the perfect opportunity to lead a strong communication strategy for the brand : Habitat will sell by the end of September some limited editions, including some pieces of furniture designed by the studio Mallet-Stevens. As a big fan of Mallet-Stevens work (just like most of the people interested in design and architecture) I'm glad to be able to afford soon I hope some of its iconic items via Habitat.

This operation is strongly positive as it re-affirms the DNA of the brand : make design accessible for all, celebrating innovation and creation. I feel it will also conquer a new audience, people like me who feels Habitat is too expensive for quite-basic items and would rather buy furniture in Conran Shop or on the flea market.

For those who don't know yet Mallet Stevens, just a few words and some pictures below of his tremendous work. I strongly advise you to have a look at his houses either by le Parc Montsouris or Impasse and rue Mallet Stevens in the 16th. Or at the Villa Noailles when you'll go to Hyères Festival. In case you don't (and you should if you are really interested in fashion), the Villa is featured in the longest movie by Man Ray, "Les Mystères du Château de Dé".

Mallet Stevens is a French designer and Architect that had a great influence on the French modern architecture. The metal framing and use of reinforced concrete is specific about his style. You can also recognize in his work the influence of Cubism and Art Deco.

Villa Noailles
Villa Monsieur for the designer Paul Poiret
Robert Mallet-Stevens
Rue Mallet-Stevens - Inauguration of the buildings
drawing by Mallet-Steven in 1923

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