Hate at first sight


 by Nathanaëlle Murcia
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The new American thriller "Gone girl" (2014) directed by David Fincher is based on the novel "Gone Girl" from Gillian Flynn which came out in 2012.  

The main character, Nick, is played by Ben Affleck who represents a disturbed man married to an unstable woman, Amy, played by Rosamund Pike, who comes home to an empty house, a broken table and enough evidences to make him appear guilty. His wife has disappeared. 

The police opens a case about this mysterious situation too soon realize that everything seems to prove that Nick is involved in his wife's disapperance. The police decides to force Nick to accept the game his wife left behind, which is a treasure hunt in which she has put letters and enigma for him to solve. Soon it becomes clear that Amy is not dead as presumed, but very alive and has planned in making his husband pay for his adultery with Andy, an attractive college student. She had the whole situation figured out. She created a fake diary who describes a failed marriage and an abusive husband. Amy has also arranged to become friends with a naive neighbour and made her believe she was expecting their first child. 

The movie shows how a relationship between to adults turns into a battlefield filled with revenge and hate. Despite the fact that they have different motives for wanting their partner dead, both Amy and Nick are willing to destroy each other at any cost. They are both stuck in an self-destructive marriage and it seems like there can be no escape.  

I personally, adore this movie and believe that it's a masterpiece which should be seen by as many people as possible. David Fincher has been able to transmit strong emotions for decades but I think that this movie can truly captivate someone and change their perspective about love and marriage.

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