It's time for Chili !


Best meal when the weather is getting creepy cold in Paris ? The notorious CCC of course !
So where shall you go to get a proper Chili Con Carne in a place that has nothing to do with Chili Con Carne ? Let's discover two spots that shall be on the spot.

It's New York in the middle of Paris ! And the waiters are really kind with a soft American accent if you get lucky. Burgers, apple pies and barbecued spare ribs all feel at home there. So will you and your chili !

The Rosebud is an old institution in Montparnasse. It's also a great movie by Orson Welles for those who were asking themselves why the name did ring a bell. In this bar, everything is genuine. There is no Brooklyn marketing. Gluten is welcome. Old carpet, sweet music, softened light and charismatic waiters who know how to use a shaker or treat you with a warm Chili. You will travel back to the sixties and get a new perspective on Paris.

Orson Welles, Citizen Kane, 1941

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