Niki and her dancing Nanas at le Grand Palais


Once in a while, girls have to stand up for their rights. Refuse what others may consider "good" for them. Challenge the codes established by the society. And gain access to a comprehensive freedom of action and decision. Catherine Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle aka Niki de Saint Phalle was one of these artists who used her hands to campaign for women's rights. They have always been at the center of her creations. 
One of her most famous sculptures are called "Nanas" (french modern slang for woman). Free voluptuous ladies born in 1965 and announcing the upcoming emancipation of French women with the legalization of oral contraception in 1967. A strong mix between a colourfull joy and a violent statement of power. 

Walk-in Nana

Niki de St Phalle at Grand Palais until feb 2015
The activist-artist used to call herself the Calimity Jane of Art. Not only for her art performances in which she used a gun to shoot at colours on a white canvas. 

But also for a personal commitment to lead the life she intended to, regardless of the "rules". In the 1950es she left her husband to fully live the artist life. Her sculptures of deavouring mothers also deal with her painful youth when she got abused by her father.

Niki de St Phalle edited many illustrated letters that are witty, poetic and sometimes romantic. For her lover and friends. Especially one for Diana.. Vreeland - another activist of women's emancipation ! 

Retrospective on Niki de St Phalle 

Le Grand Palais

17/09/14 - 02/02/15

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