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Yoga Lesson by I-D
Ancient Olympic athletes

Olympic games were created in 776 BC in Greece to celebrate Zeus, father to the 12 Olympian gods on Mount Olympus. They would promote the Greek culture, religion but also set of values. They continued for 12 centuries until Emperor Theodosius decided to ban these "pagan cults". 

Many ancient representations of the games have survived, including paintings and sculptures.  They are a great inspiration today for artist. It's quite an interesting trend to observe in the fashion and creative campaigns too. Healthy becomes beautiful, brave becomes cool and Greek sculpture becomes must-have.

First time I notice this influence was in the clip by Geneva Jacuzzi "Love Caboose".
A twist of Ancient Olympic Greece with modern 90es representations (see the TV) and blurry pink / purple / yellow pastels. Geneva Jacuzzi has collaborated a lot with Ariel Pink and is a nice L.A performer and visual artist you should really discover.

Same Greek olympian style, with the wonderful class of Sexy Yoga by Lily McMenamy for I-D magazine. The also added strong geometric shapes with a surrealistic approach. It's the first time I find sport sexy, the naked sculpture of athletic bodies might help.

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