Little girls do it better ?


Have you noticed how often heroins of campaigns are child-like women ?  
As usual, fashion gets inspired by former representation in the cinema or music of these kind of women. I was fascinated as a kid by Charlotte Gainsbourg playing in Charlotte Forever or Vanessa Paradis singing Joe le Taxi. 

Which one would you do identify to or feel is the strongest ?

1/ the playful pure yet determined girl from Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent. Her playground is a NY loft. She didn't want to go to school and feels like dancing alone. She is elegant, soft and full of grace and her heart belongs to daddy like Charlotte Gainsbourg in "Charlotte Forever". 

Saint Laurent - Dance
Charlotte Forever
2/ the tough teenage girl, aware of her sexiness yet not so at ease with it. Punk yet adorable, the one who can always be forgiven for her moody attitude. Sky Ferreira, the punky new version of warm Madonna in Justify my Love.

Sky Ferreira - Everything Is Embarrassing

Madonna - Justify my Love
3/ the beautiful inacessible girl from a fairy tale. The one that you can only dream about. Quite self-absorb and too conscious about her charms. See Candy from Prada inspired by Jeanne Moreau in the movie Jules and Jim.

Prada - Candy
Jules & Jim
4/ the wild doll, funny and charming, lively and smiling to life. She sees the world through her innocent playful eyes and refuses to be tamed. She is sophisticatedly natural, such as the intemporal Brigitte Bardot from a Nouvelle Vague movie. She is "iconic" in Dior Addict, inspired by the movie "Et Dieu créa la femme".

Dior - Be Iconic
Et Dieu Créa la Femme
5/ the little girl playing the mature woman. She might be considered as a sex object and is too innocent, fragile or naughty (can we be naughty before 18 ?) to handle it. It's the old disturbing story of Lolita from Nabokov that inspired the campaign "Oh, Lola!" with 17 Dakota Fanning which has been banned in the UK or the movie Lolita by Kubrick. Reminds me also of Vanessa Paradis singing Joe le Taxi..

Vanessa Paradis, 1989 © Pierre Terrasson 

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