Can you speak stupid in my mother tongue ?


The excellent I-D magazine has invited cute models to give you a private lesson of their mother tongue.

How would you say "I want to have a karaoke" in Japanese ?

It's not only a good way to have fun and stress out the cool edgy DNA of the magazine. It's also a smart way to gather fashion communities from all the concerned countries and federate an I-D world.

One trend we can spot here, is the increasing use of random stupid scenario in the fashion world. It reminds me of this great & stupid (yes both work together very well) movie for 55 DSL : "Beyond Moutains More Mountains" by Canada. Use yellow or white bold subtitles, imagine the most random and non sense scenario, and here you go !

Beyond the Mountains, More Mountains by Canada for 55DSL
Learn to Speak Japanese on I-D

And of course, you want to speak French too ! And please don't be affraid of clichés, French people love that. Pop up a few cool names from the past, people that really had something to say before selfie messed up our brain, and the video will seem stupid in a smart researched way..

Simone RIP on ID 

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