Mini Mini Slogan


In the early 60es the british designer Mary Quant creates a tiny revolution with her mini skirt. A few years later, André Courrèges joins her in the mini style with a progressive futuristic style. He has an education in both fashion design and construction engineering and his lines are often compared to the architecture of Le Corbusier.
André Courrèges, inventor of the mini fashion
Mary Quant, inventor of the mini fasion
Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg in Slogan by Pierre Grimblat (1969)

In the movie Slogan by Pierre Grimblat (1969), Jane Birkin is a beautiful embassador of this mini style. She has just met Serge Gainsbourg and they share a passionate love in their cocoon flat in Paris. They only have a record player which could have been design by André Courrèges..

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